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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
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I was approached by a good friend of mine to teach a workshop for her daughter Lolo (Lauren). Lolo has always had a "thing" for photography and had been given a great DSLR camera for her birthday. She knew the basics of her camera but wanted to learn more about the different settings and creative modes of her camera. I have never taught a workshop or have even thought I was "professional enough" to teach a workshop but I was up for the challenge.

Originally my goal was just to teach her about aperture and depth of field, shutter speed, a little about ISO, and the basics of lighting. I had four 1 hour classes to teach her all of this and by the second session....she had mastered everything I had planned! We went out on location and just took shots of anything and everything, changing our settings to create different looks. I was SHOCKED at how quickly she had picked it up! And I was even more shocked when she said on our 3rd session "Can you teach me how to shoot in manual mode?" I knew that she was eager to learn and not afraid of switching her camera to the dreaded "M" setting. Most amature photogs cringe and get frustrated switching away from Aperture Mode!

Lolo was so amazing and was so excited when she started clicking away and seeing her images go from pretty good to OUTSTANDING! She had such a grasp of what settings needed to be changed to get the look she was going for in her image. It was so fun to just work along side someone who enjoys photography as much as I do. I am so proud of her and know that she will have a bright future in whatever she decides to do. She says she loves to photograph food....what a trip that would be if in 15 years her images are on the cover of Rachael Ray or Cooking Light!

Thank you for the opportunity to teach you! I can't wait to watch you grow as a photographer! I am so happy I took the challenge of teaching a workshop and I look forward to doing it again.